Scenesterist represents a network of journalists and writers—mostly from the Phoenix, AZ, area—dedicated to examining, explaining and expanding culture. Phoenix offers so many off-beat art galleries and cultural activities unknown to the “mainstream.”  However, this is about more than just Phoenix.  We welcome unique viewpoints from anywhere.  You don’t have to be a hipster—though, in my opinion, it helps. You just have to have something to say about the culturally driven world.

What is culture?  Who cares—we know it when we see it.  It’s the stuff that gives our society meaning, provokes thought and evokes feeling.  It could be art, fashion, music, writing, stories, or even just personal experiences worthy of passing on.  Whatever it is, it inspires the recklessness call to creation and community.

That said, Scenesterist’s subject material might seem a bit erratic at first.  The consistency of material should solidify as Scenesterist goes through growing pains.  First, we need to determine what kind of things interest culturally active people. Do you want gallery reviews, music previews, concert photos or book blurbs?  Then, we’ll set up the website to follow that.

If you’d like to contribute to Scenesterist or just want to talk, you can e-mail me, Channing Turner, at channing.j.turner@gmail.com