Urban Affairs staches up Downtown Phoenix Journal blog

Downtown Phoenix Journal announced yesterday its acquisition by Urban Affair, the new marketing campaign for Phoenix.

DPJ, the biggest blog for aggregating info in Phoenix, has been a great source of news for the downtown area since 2006. Its bloggers mix postings about events and issues to produce a solid, hyper-local blog. However, downtown keeps changing; it recently rocketed out of the dull drums and into a world-class urban center. So, DPJ should change too, I suppose. I’m just worried the new renters will corporartize what was a great, independent voice.

A shiny new site is born...I'm a bit jealous.

A shiny new site is born...I'm a bit jealous.

Urban Affair, a recently started campaign, is looking to promote Phoenix in much the same way cities like Las Vegas promote themsleves—by establishing a well known brand and appeal.  In our case, Urban Affair wants to market Phoenix as the “urban heart of Arizona.” (Correction: The “urban heart” campaign is actually the work of Downtown Phoenix Partnership.  Thanks for those who commented and corrected me.)

DPJ’s new look certainly ratchets up the visual appeal — ah, the wonders of professional graphic designers.

Now, this move is probably a good thing in most respects.  Urban Affair shows great promise.  Their moves seem to show they understand why people like downtown—the urban appeal, the independent shops, the unique atmosphere.  Hopefully DPJ and their fan base will help guide them too.


7 responses to “Urban Affairs staches up Downtown Phoenix Journal blog

  1. Hi There,

    Love what you do here on Scenesterist – I’ve been a reader for awhile. Wanted to just comment real quick on a few things:

    First, the “Arizona’s Urban Heart” campaign was launched, funded, and overseen by the Downtown Phoenix Partnership, not Urban Affair. The Partnership does really good work, so I definitely don’t want to take any undue credit from them.

    Second, Urban Affair will not “corporatize” The Journal – promise. We will strive to bring our readers a “man-on-the-street” feel to the content as we continue to expand ways in which you can “Explore Your Core.”

    We are just regular people who happen to be passionate advocates for Downtown Phoenix. Sure, we have a motto and logo now – but we are always going to be a community-driven news site.

    Thank you for your concern, it’s good to know that people are out there keeping us on our toes!


    Downtown Phoenix Journal

  2. Oh, there won’t be any corporatizing of the DPJ site. Most of the writers remain. We’re just trying to make it a bit more organized and a little prettier.

    Nobody needs more corporate shtick.

  3. Right on. Thanks for the clarification. Keep it up then.

  4. Oh, and I agree that the new website is very pretty—sleek and pristine.

  5. The new look for DPJ and this site look really good. I think Im going to make the switch to WP!

  6. I assume you mean “doldrums,” not “dull drums” – but if you don’t, it’s a good metaphor! (Or pun.)

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